Die ganze Challenge gibt's zum Ausdrucken bei gofeminin.de. Startet jetzt mit dem Kurze-Hose-Training für den Sommer - mit der 30-Tage-Bein-Challenge!

Für schöne straffe Beine: Die 30 Tage Bein-Challenge!

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Belly Workout Plan. Four simple exercises to get the perfect belly in just four weeks!

This is a fun one I did it today. Initially, my goal was to complete the circuit 4 times, but I was able to get 2 rounds in! Pretty good for someone who is coming off an injury that basically had me doing none of these cool moves for 3 weeks!

Beim Planking steht der ganze Körper unter Spannung, das strafft!

Das perfekte Workout: Vier Übungen für den ganzen Body!

If you are looking to step up your abdominal work this Ultimate 8 Minute Plank Challenge is for you. Prepare to challenge every muscle in your core!