Wald für den Tisch - tolle Idee für einen wunderschönen Untersetzer für Blumenvasen, den dampfenden Topf mit Essen und selbst ohne alles noch sehenswert!  Great idea for a "Forest on your table"! Isn't this nice and adorable?

Wood slice decor for the table. Great idea for a "Forest on your table"! Isn't this nice and adorable?

Easter Butterfly Tree

Quick and Easy Easter Decorations

To make this pretty Easter Butterfly Tree, hang paper butterflies on branches with twine. Easter decoration has never been so easy and sweet

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Osterdeko: Natürliche Osternester mit Frühlingsblumen :: BLOOM's straight in the earth? or larger pot smaller nest.though love the generosity of the nest

Cute Tabletop Easter Tree from Better Homes & Garden! To make the decoration, gather branches and spray-paint white; after drying, place inside a painted blue pail and arrange branches to stay put with foam. Add stones, glass pebbles, or the like to decorate and weigh down the container. Hang blown-out egg ornaments and homemade crafts (such as our birds) to decorate this Easter favorite.

Pretty Ways to Decorate with Easter Eggs

Tabletop Spring Tree - Let your spring decorating branch out with a tabletop Easter tree. Stand branches in a pail filled with play sand, then decorate the boughs with paper birds and dyed eggs (or paper flowers in your

DIY Peat Pots. Decorated. Embellished. Altered ~ Pretty Decorated Peat Pots at The Decorated House

Easter Decorations ~ Pretty Decorated Peat Pots

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Gorgeous: bulbs in egg shells and a touch of feathers. A layer of moss at the base.