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Deck maps by torstan on DeviantArt

Here's a map of a merchantman created for this map pack: [link] The map pack comes with and without grids, and in both colour and printer friendly greys.

Meanwhile Back in The Dungeon... : Photo

A fantasy map drawn for the Cartographer's Guild september challenge - a side-on map. Also, a fun map that I intend to use for my next D&D game. Map of the Blue Pyramid

H.P. Lovecraft Filmfestival

No way to calculate this PUFF other than to say: "KA-CHING!" Shub-Niggurath by ~nightserpent on deviantART. Lovecraft Film Festival held in Portland and Los Angeles. Acrylic on illustration board, © paul carrick

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A website and forum for enthusiasts of fantasy maps mapmaking and cartography of all types. We are a thriving community of fantasy map makers that provide tutorials, references, and resources for fellow mapmakers.

Baltimore: The Inquisitor by Mike Mignola

Baltimore: The Inquisitor (One Shot) Virgin Cover (Cover Artist: Ben Stenbeck & Dave Stewart) On Sale:

Sentry Encampment by ~torstan on deviantART

The Sentry Encampment This is a simple map - 4 buildings and a lean-to with a sentry fire, poised on the edge of a wintry sea. Is this a sentry post keeping watch over the strait?