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A Universal RFID Key

RFID projects have been pretty prominent recently, ranging from projects here in Instructables, to our local Silicon Chip magazine in Australia publishing a RFID.

Control RGB LED lights from your phone or web browser

Welcome to my guide on how to control RGB LED lights from your smartphone or web browser by making use of the DMX protocol.

Hard Drive Identification Chart

For those of you who do not know what the connectors or connections on the back of your computer are called or where they are located… We have created a number of Computer Port Charts and other computer peripheral charts

Computer Hardware chart

Computer Hardware Chart: This is more a "photo- graphic" rather than an infographic. It's about a chart gathering the hardware ïntelligence both for computer freaks that love tuning and for new bees who wondering what the hell is in this box.

NOAA Satellite Signals with a PVC QFH Antenna and Laptop - All

This instructable covers everything you'll need to get started in being able to receive the APT (Automatic Picture Transmission) signals from the NOAA Satellites.

Long Range, 1.8km,  Arduino to Arduino Wireless Communication With the HC-12.: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

In this instructable you will learn how to communicate between Arduinos over a long distance up to in open air.The is a wireless serial port.