monsters don´t sleep under your bed, they sleep inside your head, darkness, demon

Depressiv sein weil alles schöne zerstört ist

Colorful Depression by lolitpop///this depicts how I feel when my mother refuses to accept my sexuality

hochzeitsfrisureb brautfrisur halboffen hochzeitsideen

The Wavy Wedding Hairstyle Ideas can become your desire when developing about Wedding Hair. Look these beautiful 20 Wavy Wedding Hairstyles Ideas.

Sounds a lot like me. My friends call me the walking dead as a joke, but it's not very funny because it's so true.

It was this moment when it began. The warm red flow I felt inside of me. The moment my heart starts bleeding.

#titleimage ?

Suicide Prevention Needs To Start Now

Crashing Down by Ravaged Hearts "It just blew up in my face. You never meant forever and always! Now did you baby?

The Thinker - Der Denker Auguste Rodin... One Day

The Thinker - Der Denker Auguste Rodin. One Day