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The pose. alexisrenmodel: “Alexis Ren for WeTheUrban Magazine Issue 8 Photographer: Jorden Keith MUA: Nona Mahmoudi Hair: Jessica Cook Stylist: Analyssa Benedict ”

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I think that black has overtaken my love for white in backgrounds.

This shot communicates a lot of emotion through a melancholy colour scheme and a high key lighting technique showing a model with a somber facial expression. The use of a long exposure and a flash creates the illusion of multiple faces.

Bryson Tiller & The Weeknd - Rambo (Remix)

Sight Management Studio is a leading international Model Agency with Men, Women, Celebrities & Influencers departments.

Lynn Herrick Photography - Posing Guide Fotografa,Photography,picture perfect,Things for My Wall,

Kodak Portra 400 - Mamiya 645afd mohamedhoussein.com

Carmencita Film Lab is an international film processing company for B&W and slide film. We develop and scan your and medium format negatives.

Olivia Frederikke: ponytail, amazing cheekbones, freckles scattered across nose and onto upper cheekbones. Freckles add a degree of wholesomeness to her overall look.


ammerthyst: “ alluriest: “ Bridget Satterlee ” ammerthyst x ” Apply: Tropical fruits awards

love the color of the mugs! Mehr

Be thankful for Bad Days and Bad people. They teach you to appreciate Good Days and Good People more. Short article on Man Up. Just make sure it’s to become the right kind of man.

Photographer: Hansel Ferron Miranda - Kodak Portra 400 ++ - www.instagram.com/hanss.fm

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