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Quest - Thomas Stellmach (1996) - YouTube

Quest - A sand puppet leaves the sand world and wanders through worlds made of paper, stone, and iron in search of water.

Who's Gonna Save My Soul? | Future Shorts - YouTube

Dir: Chris Milk / Music Gnarls Barkley/ USA/ 2008 Chris Milk brings some serious heart crooning to life in his second video collaboration from Gnarles Barkel.

Zerebrale Dichotomie - YouTube

Zerebrale Dichotomie - YouTube

Pacific Data Images - Gas Planet - YouTube

Animation shortie by Pacific Data Images (now part of DreamWorks): Gas Planet In a distant galaxy, three natives of Gas Planet carry on with their que.


The Original Pixels Movie Came Out Back In 2010 [Video] - Pixels, currently playing in theaters, actually came out back in It was originally written and directed by Patrick Jean.

Fallen Art - Tomek Baginski - YouTube

"Fallen Art" It's a war story with a big dose of black humor that required a form lighter in tone, with a more tongue-in-cheek look of the characters and the.

Balance (Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein, Germany, 1989. Academy Award for Best Animated Short (1989))

Balance Oscar Winning Cartoon Dir: Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein, Germany, Academy Award for Best Animated Short

Krapooyo - YouTube

Short animation movie made by a french student.

Masques - Masks - YouTube

Two masks are in face off before an assembly of worried onlookers. A sign is given and a strange dance begins, a ritual combat.