LEUCHTEND GRAU liebt minimalistisches Interior und den Sommer - die Tage am Meer, das Reisen mit dem VW-Bus, die Leichtigkeit des Seins ....
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two wooden benches sitting on top of a gravel covered field next to a white building
In love with this design retreat in Estremoz #summer #summerfeeling #minimalismus
two lounge chairs sitting on top of a white patio next to a tall pine tree
gallery — marieke verdenius
Was für eine #Terrasse! #Outdoor #Gartenmöbel #Summer #Summerfeeling #LeuchtendGrau
a man flying a kite on the beach with palm trees in the backgroud
"Summerfeeling" by LEUCHTEND GRAU Strand bei LOS ANGELES
a sign on the beach pointing to swim and surf with an arrow pointing in opposite directions
June 19, 2015, 12:50 PM | Claire Kurgan | VSCO Grid®️️
two people walking on the beach near the ocean
diary of a designer
Am Strand ...via Leuchtend Grau
a woman sitting on a surfboard in the ocean looking out at the sky and water
Summerfeeling: sich auf dem Surfboard treiben lassen by LEUCHTEND GRAU
several blue umbrellas and chairs on the beach
Summertime: Ein Tag am Meer by LEUCHTEND GRAU
a wooden table sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a white wall
Summerfeeling - idyllisches Strandhaus by LEUCHTEND GRAU
an empty swimming pool with lounge chairs and palm trees in the foreground, overlooking the ocean
Summertime: idyllischer Pool unter Palmen by LEUCHTEND GRAU
a woman standing in front of a van with birds flying over the water behind it
Summertime: Mit dem VW-Bus / Bulli unterwegs sein by LEUCHTEND GRAU
two hanging chairs in the middle of a room with a round rug on the floor
Summertime - formschöne Hängesessel zum Relaxen by LEUCHTEND GRAU
three kites are flying in the air
Summerfeeling: schöne Badetücher wehen im Sommerwind by LEUCHTEND GRAU
a house sitting on top of a wooden pier in the middle of the ocean with birds perched on it's roof
Schönes Strandhaus auf Stelzen by LEUCHTEND GRAU