CARLO BERNARDINI, PERMEABLE SPACE 2006, Sculpture in plexiglass and optical fibers (1,5 mm of diameter) feet h 3,5x1,5x1.

STR Permeable Space, 2006 (sculpture in plexiglass and optical fibers) by Carlo Bernardini

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Vintage Treibholz Lampe selber bauen - simple Anleitung

driftwood lamp installed in a wall - since it's all painted white it has a rustic-meets-modern feel (Diy Decoracion Casa)

simple DIY Lampe - Lichterkette in Glasflaschen

Whether or not an empty wine bottle is transparent, it can make a great bottle light! Mark where you want the holes to be with some masking tape, drill, rinse the bottle, then stuff Christmas lights through the holes you drilled. (via Wit and Whistle)

Wenig Geld, aber trotzdem Lust auf eine stylische Wohnung?

Genial günstig! 6 Deko-Ideen, die fast nichts kosten - aber echte Hingucker sind!

40 DIY Home Decor Ideas That Aren't Just For Christmas Poke holes in a dark lampshade for a starry effect. Duvet Home Decor "Safely pack you.

Lydia Hirte 2012, wearable sculpture, fine drawing card, drawing and calligraphic ink; photo: Jürgen Kossatz

LYDIA HIRTE-DE wearable sculpture, fine drawing card, drawing and calligraphic ink;

THIS WOULD BE SO AWESOME for someone that is ill! This can bring the outdoors inside to them. With the cast shadows, it fells like you are sleeping outdoors! Amazing DIY Shadow Chandelier Inspired by Nature

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