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15 Upcycled Planters Turn Trash into Treasure

upcycled light bulb vases can be made from your old bulbs while replacing them with new eco lights.

DIY Home Decor Ideas - IKEA Hacks you have to see to believe!

18 Amazing IKEA Hacks For Chic And Functional Pieces

You'll surely love these IKEA hacks we have for you. These IKEA furniture hacks will surely have you going to the nearest IKEA store.

Party Idea - Bucket Of Candles

I did this with red and white candles. It turned out super cute for the first stretch of the candles being lit, but once they started melting down and getting shorter, it wasn't as cute and now I just have a little metal bucket full of wax.

DIY: Macht eine Schriftart aus Eurer Handschrift | DaWanda Blog

DIY: Macht eine Schriftart aus Eurer Handschrift