Red butterfly, Butterfly painting, Original


Art Ed Central loves this Nautical watercolor art blue seahorsecrab signed PRINT blue and sea green print by ssbaud on Etsy

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Cats in Art and Illustration: Kellas Campbell. I love all her work; she did a painting of my cat Scooter after he went to Rainbow Bridge.

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I think fonts where each letter is so different can really add interest to longer headlines!

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Tolle Grußkarten Designs

Passt. | Typografie | Echte Postkarten online versenden | MyPostcard.com

Mädchen mit Ballons

Balloons Drawing by Indrė Bankauskaitė

B&W drawing idea Saatchi Online Artist: Indrė Bankauskaitė; Pen and Ink, Drawing "Balloons" wow! Drawn with a pen!

Wal-Grafik Aquarell Malerei mit dem Titel von TheColorfulCatStudio

This is a fine art giclée print made from my original watercolor painting titled Sea Glass. PRINT DESCRIPTION - Printed on Epson Stylus

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Poster with French quote: 'La vie est belle'. Poster with text. Stylish posters with texts and citations.

we heart it :)

Less Judgement- More learning peoples stories Less Sitting- More Moving Less Stress- More Breathing Less Fear- More Love Less Sugar- More Green Less Talking- More Listening More Quality Time Spent with those I love.