Simply adorable. Painted rocks to look like mushrooms.

17 Nature-Inspired Crafts for Kids

Bring the Smurfs into your home with a sweet and simple nature craft: painted rock mushrooms! All you need is a few smooth rocks, some red and white paint, and a bit of blue. No wait, glue!

The Enchanted Tree: Acorn Cap Toadstool Ornaments.

jesień, grzyby, muchomoryThe Enchanted Tree: Acorn Cap Toadstool Ornaments with white wool roving stems.

papier mache mushroom

grrl+dog: How to make paper mache toadstools This is the tutorial I will be using to make mushrooms for the shop window I'm so excited!

clothes peg doll....!

clothespeg doll = antique clothespeg + hand-knit & vintage wool clothing + hand-coloured face & hair Idea for Isabel?