Hauswirtschaftsraum, Waschküche

Since there's no room in thw house I could build something like this in the garage

LOVE this idea, minimal space, still a place for everything

Modern laundry room design featuring built-in cabinets & sink! Stacked front-load washer and dryer! Love the idea of a sink, why can't you have everything in a small laundry room?

perfect idea for the laundry room @Katie Schmeltzer Schmeltzer Schmeltzer Dickerson

Love this idea for the laundry for those stray socks we all have. Department of Missing Socks "No Sock Left Behind"

Must have laundry chute! I love the idea of it all landing in a cabinet until you are ready to sort.

Laundry room with great storage options - eclectic - laundry room - charlotte - Hardwood Creations -- Laundry shoot

Laundry chute

Maiden D'Shade: Laundry Chute Redo--our laundry chute doors definitely need a makeover!

Can you still install a laundry shoot to the basement? Answer: Contrary to popular belief, laundry chutes are not a thing...

I couldn't seem to find the specific source for this laundry chute door, but I think it would be ideal. Yes, I'm putting a laundry chute in my bathroom!

Laundry Chute! 16 Old-House Trends We Want to Bring Back

16 Old-House Trends We Want to Bring Back

"Bring back the laundry chute," says TOH special projects editor Eric Hagerman. Now if they'd only build an automatic laundry folder, and an elevator to bring the clothes back up, that would be terrific.