love the cropping on this

dad and baby! The only thing that's awkward is the dad's watch. Definitely wouldn't include that!

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Friday Favorites

Favorite Space (those rose gold pendant lamps are to die for, via Decouvrir Design).love these pendants in copper for the new kitchen!

8 easy ways to connect with your kids

8 Easy Ways to Connect with Your Kids

See Serena and Dan's Gossip Girl Wedding Album!: Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) and Eric van der Woodsen (Connor Paolo) return to Gossip Girl.   : Chuck and Blair's son, Henry, attends the festivities.

See Serena and Dan's Gossip Girl Wedding Album!

Gossip Girl Awesomeness: Chuck Bass with Henry Bass. where did that find that kid, the perfect combination of Chuck and Blair.

I hv a pic of my honey and him holding the kids like this.. crazy to think we'll hv a 3rd in the mix in 10wks. :-)

Pushed an empty stroller home tonight behind because both kids were just so excited to see him they refused to leave his arms.

Rose, dad and Alara

“the smell of fresh banana cinnamon muffins fills the air as we listen to buble's christmas album 🎄✨ i've been asked why there aren't any pictures of cory…”

daddy daughter... Good looking daddy you got there!

Fotos de pai e filho: 30 ideias para amar (e reproduzir!)