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Natural Fall Decorating: Bring the Outside Inside this Season

Birch Oil Painting - Silver Birch Tree Palette Knife Landscape from Paula Nizamas. This painting displays a first-person upward view of a large tree whose vividly schemed leaves are undergoing their seasonal color change during fall.

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Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto (aka “Vhils”) - Lisbon, Rua de Cascais in Alcântara near the Santo Amaro Docks and represents the American street artist Brad Downey, his friend. (all rights reverved by Lisbon Lux)


Beautiful jellyfish I love the watercolor tattoos that are becoming more popular. This jelly fish design is colorful and fantastic.

Clara Lieu. I love the dream-like quality of this, just abstract enough. The person looks like they are in a state between consciousness and unconsciousness, falling to the ground

Falling Sketch by claralieu (Illustration to depression and anxiety)

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Instagram Post by Manny Lucero (@mannneylucero)

No way this is just coloured pencil!

Winter trees made with lace

Cardinal bird in Winter trees made with lace (Diy Art Tree)


Big Ben street art, "Il funambolo" Lyon, France Just goes to show that perspective is everything.

"Mountain Pass" by icLust3R. icLust3R is a 22 years old ICT consultant in Norway, who happens to be one exceptionally imaginative and skillful space scene artist. His gallery is a variety of mind blowing space scenes, all of them unique. You can view more of his work by clicking on the image and following him on deviantART.

Mountain Pass by Kenneth Jensen, "space scene creator"

Textural Pattern - contoured line pattern with 3D effect; bold surface pattern design

Textural Pattern - contoured line pattern with effect; bold surface pattern design (Would make for a neat texture if inverted and used on a B&W photo)


Line- a mark or stroke long in proportion to its breath. Often it defines a space and may create an outline or a couture, define a silhouette, create patterns, or movement, and the illusion of mass and volume

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Pencil Portrait Mastery - Pencil Portrait Mastery - - Discover The Secrets Of Drawing Realistic Pencil Portraits - Discover The Secrets Of Drawing Realistic Pencil Portraits


Amazing Pencil Artwork - These are some very creative models created out of pencils! To make the pencil sculptures, I take hundreds of pencils, cut them into sections, drill a hole in each section, sharpen them all and sew them together

Unbelievable Rainbow

Rainbow Clouds

Funny pictures about Rainbow Clouds. Oh, and cool pics about Rainbow Clouds. Also, Rainbow Clouds.

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The lost world of Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle credit Falln-Stock [link] All other photos is mine I give permission to all my club displayed in my jo. The lost world of Conan Doyle

Original Fine Art Thick Texture Palette Knife von OsnatFineArt

I love this texture so much! Original Fine Art Thick Texture Palette Knife Painting Modern Abstract Acrylic Landscape Painting from Osnat Tzadok

That's a sculpture

Splash public art sculpture by Codsteaks, Ashlands Nature Reserve, Portishead