Healthy Dessert Alert! 5-Minute Healthy Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Recipe. #Yum

Healthy Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Healthy Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Recipe -- frozen strawberries, yogurt, sweetener, lemon juice -- process in the food processor

Frozen Strawberry Crunch Cake

Frozen Strawberry Crunch Cake

Frozen Strawberry Crunch Cake 1 box Nature Valley Granola Bars cup brown sugar cup flour 6 tablespoons melted butter 2 egg whites cup sugar 1 cup heavy whipping cream 1 lemon 4 ounces cream cheese 1 cups freshly chopped strawberries Amazing and addicting!

Käsekuchen-Dessert im Glas (ohne Backen)

Käsekuchen-Dessert im Glas (ohne Backen)

This low fat Italian apple cake is super moist, light, flavorful and delicious dessert. Plus, it’s really low in calories due to the fact there is no butter or oil. Only 116 calories per slice!

Low Fat Apple Cake

Lemon-Blueberry Yogurt Loaf {Sweet Pea's Kitchen} = yum, yum, yum!!!

Lemon-Blueberry Yogurt Loaf

Recipe, grocery list, and nutrition info for Lemon-Blueberry Yogurt Loaf. Zingy Lemon-Blueberry Yogurt Loaf made with freshly squeezed lemon juice, lemon zest, yogurt and plump blueberries

Simple Healthy Yogurt Parfaits

Simple Yogurt Parfaits

Simple Healthy Yogurt Parfaits ingredients: Vanilla yogurt Topping suggestions- granola raw nuts toasted coconut raisins dried cranberries diced dates banana kiwi strawberries blueberries raspberries blackberries pomegrante seeds peach

Strawberry & Cream Trifle (1) From: Simply Delicious, please visit

Strawberry & Cream Trifles

A chic revamp of a good ol' trifle. Macerated strawberries and mascarpone Crème Patisserie are layered with cake to make this beautiful trifle.

Greek Yogurt Fruit Parfait

Greek Yogurt Fruit Parfait

Greek Yogurt Fruit Parfait For a low-fat breakfast with offerings from three different food groups this recipe is your go-to. Fruit, grains, and dairy from this delicious yogurt parfait add up to a healthy morning meal.

Zwetschgenkuchen vom Blech !!!

Zwetschgenkuchen mit Quark-Öl-Teig vom Blech