Mit Kindern den Frühling mit diesen 12 tollen Bastelideen erleben

Dish Brush Dandelions - these have gone to seed - a fun project to go along with the blooming yellow fork-painted dandelions!

Whale - Marloes de Vries. On the website Poolga you can download awesome wallpapers for your telephone. It's very cool !

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Silver is more than about glamour. It is associated with self-control, calmness, and balance. It also has strong connections with the Mother Moon is the metal is ruled by the natural satellite of the Earth.


The Whale Art Print

More amazing nautical art from Terry Fan. love this whale and boat!

Limited Edition Print Signed and Numbered Click on image to enlarge 7" x 10" - ($100) (Original: Acrylic Ink on Paper - Sold)

Heron In Grass – Limited Edition Print

HeronSketch-Whatdoesittaketomakea journey?Aplacetostartfrom,somethingtoleave behind.Aroad,atrail,orariver.Companions, andsomethinglikeadestination:acamp,aninn, oranothershore.Weimagineajourneywithno destination,nothingbuttheactofgoing,andwith neveranarrival.Ithinkwe'dalwayshopetofind somethingorsomeone,unexpectedand unpreparedfor.Seenfromadistance,all journeysmaybethesame.Wearriveexactly whereweare...There'sthedream journey,the actuallife.-JohnHaines,“Momentsand Journeys”

Heron Sketch - Limited Edition Print


This is such a unique twist on the typical nautical and whale prints that you find. Gorgeous creatures from head to tail!

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