Heart Shaped Cherry Tomatoes by recipebyphoto #Tomatoes #Hearts

Heart Shaped Cherry/Grape Tomatoes for the veggie tray. {This would be cute with Grapes as well. Yes wrong color for valentines day but my kids don't like tomato's of any kind ~mrm}

Chocolate Accents for cupcakes....need to remember to do this.

Chocolate Accents for Cupcakes and Cakes. What a cute idea for easy decoration! All you need is chocolate, a saucepan and bowl for melting the chocolate and a piping bag or sandwich bag. Cover cutting board with foil and design away

Olive Penguins!

I LOVE PENGUINS! Two olives, a dab of cream cheese and a slice of carrot. Make your own penguin army next time you are in charge of appetizers!

creative idea - Pixdaus

Creative Food Art - Fish shaped toast with fruit. Yummy breakfast or snack for kids!

How cool is this purple dress cake! #purple #cake #dress

Purplelicious Girl Party Birthday Party Ideas

Eats Amazing - Boiled Egg Bunny Rabbit Tutorial

Great technique for making a hard boiled egg bunny (without the ubiquitous bunny egg mold)

deviled egg chicks

` Alison Artisan `: Party Chicks - Hard Boiled - fix these when I read the boys 'Big Chickens' by Leslie Helakoski

Banana Dolphin #fooddecoration, #food, #cooking, https://facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=106186096099420

Your preschooler or big kid will go BANANAS for this healthy afternoon (or morning) snack! Make a banana into an adorable dolphin with this easy food art trick.

Eats Amazing - Boiled Egg Mouse

How to make a boiled egg mouse from Eats Amazing UK - healthy and fun food for kids - great for bento lunches