Ein begehbarer Kleiderschrank ist für viele ein Traum.

Wie kann ich einen begehbaren Kleiderschrank in mein Schlafzimmer integrieren?

Walk-in dressing rooms are such a luxury. Not all homes have the space for built in walk-in wardrobes. But if you would like to remove your under-the-bed storage, get rid of chunky wardrobes or ceiling high shelving to a dressing room but can’t afford the

A winter wonderland right in your home! | Winter Birch Trees Wall Mural

A winter wonderland right in your home / Winter Birch Trees Wall Mural / I like this but think I would feel slightly chilly here although I would like to see the effect at night with soft lighting

attic bedroom

One day I shall have black floors. painted black floors / skylights / white walls / spartan -- the perfect attic

Hochbett mit japanischer Stiege in Fichte , weiß lasiert. : Minimalistisch Betten und Kopfteile von Individual Furniture

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Modern bedroom mirror designs are problem-solvers as much as they are decor accents. Making them a part of the interior is pure pleasure.