Decorating with masking tape

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Washi tape windows - good backdrop idea

Are you a fan of washi tape and wall art? The two come together in these 15 inspirational washi tape wall art project ideas!

Paper cutouts for the window

Paper cutout Little Houses for the window, the variations you can do are only limited by your imagination. A sheet of thicker black paper, a sharp craft knife, a pencil & ruler, a cutting board & your in business.

DIY Wall Washi tape

Washi Tape Cross-Stitch Wall Art (DIY) A clever wall art idea as it doesn't harm the wall, is temporary (so you can change whenever the next whim comes alson), and it's a fun rainy day project! Visit Becoming Gezellig for more info.

DIY: washi tape mural

A great way to add some temporary decor to your child's room, this washi tape mural is a fantastic source of inspiration. Either let your kids go at it alone,

DIY Washi Tape Pens

DIY Washi Tape Pens by Candlelit Life - fun for back to school!

Decorating magazine holders with washi tape

Decorating magazine holders with washi tape

Decorating Magazine Holders with Washi Tap! {organize in style with this fun idea!

tape sticker

Mel Stampz: Crafty tape ideas round-up! {washi or other tape varieties - How to: make them, use them, and store them}

DIY winter cards by mollymoo, Michelle McInerney

DIY Washi Tape Winter Cards & Free Printable

MollyMoo – crafts for kids and their parents DIY Washi Tape Winter Cards & Free Printable

teawagontales: miss lolly to

teawagontales: miss lolly dolly.cute little lolly stick dolls / superheroes to make - fun for boys and girls : )