"Space Fox" Photographic Prints by nellmeowmeow | Redbubble. Love the actually colloring behind the swirly lines

I like the fox design. Space Fox by nellmeowmeow //Just the design of the fox is perfect, very much like my style of art. (This for a drawing, not tattoo)

Travel ♥

I would like to travel to many places around the world. I like traveling because there are so man adventures that i want to enjoy and explore as much as I can.


Niemals sind wir so verletzlich, als wenn wir lieben. - Sigmund Freud ---- We are never so vulnerable than when we love

Originaldruck - Druck ♥ Sei gut zu Dir ♥ - Druck A4 per Post - ein Designerstück von ZuckerZauber bei DaWanda

Originaldruck - Druck ♥ Sei gut zu Dir ♥ - Druck per Post - ein Designerstück…