Schnecken schutz

keep shells in open container in fridge. When full, crush shells into small bits and sprinkle around base of plants. Sharp eggshells will deter slugs, snails, and other bugs from nibbling on garden and add touch of calcium to soil.

Pallet garden table before sanding and paint. - Gardening Rustic

Amazing Shed Plans Pallet garden table before sanding and paint. - Gardening Rustic Now You Can Build ANY Shed In A Weekend Even If You've Zero Woodworking Experience! Start building amazing sheds the easier way with a collection of shed plans!

Anzucht im Eierkarton, idealerweise mit Eierschalen für zusätzliche Nährstoffe

10 Best DIY Seed Starting Pins

Leave the top on, making growing space deeper. Seedlings in Egg Cartons.then plant the paper egg cartons directly in the soil.

Blumenkasten aus Paletten für eine schöne und günstige Gartendeko zum Selbermachen. Noch mehr Ideen gibt es auf

pallet Pallet herbs planters in vertical garden urban planter 2 flowers 2 with pallet planter pallet herbs

Don't throw away your broken or unwanted wares. Treat and use them for your outdoor space. As in this picture a broken pail can easily become a scenic garden container.  You can place a small citronella candle in an unwanted lantern.

Old Pail. White Lantern with hints of rust. In-The-Garden! But this would almost have to be placed in the shade so the bucket wouldn't act like an oven & cook the flowers!