Maybe space for a bench or seating on pea gravel along north fence?

Such a pretty picture. I love how the weathered timber bench is softened by great mounds of white Hydrangeas, buxus spheres and Catalpa (Indian bean trees) vanraaijen.

I pinned another pic of this in 'Living Spaces' but this one is to remind me to make it. I love these shadow boxes...anything to bring green into a house. These could be an answer to a few decorating questions in my parents house too...

plant boxes (this is also a way to mount items on walls/fence). Using a space like this as a shadow box could house garden tools - for function and as art.

Okay, you can't get away with this unless you have a lobby, but in screams smell me....

Best flower arrangement at Hotel de Paris MONTE CARLO. whoa are those really delphiniums? They are Eremerus at the top

Orange Roses +green orchids inTube Floral Centerpiece...Wow!#Flower Arrangement#Centerpiece#Photography

Centerpiece by Daniela: Wow! This could be fun with some orange orchids on top and blue flowers down the sides (or inside the vase)

I have wanted one of these umbrella trained trees and vines since I first saw them years ago

Top 32 DIY Fun Landscaping Ideas For Your Dream Backyard

Neat-O! Grape vines trained as an umbrella! Love this idea! Keep those vines up off the ground and make some shade! There are so many vines this could be done with.

Use chicken wire and plant morning glories or clematis to climb... barb wire trees from Wire Art NZ

Use chicken wire and plant morning glories or clematis to climb… barb wire trees from Wire Art NZ

mounting orchids on driftwood | welcome to:: August 2010

> Lady of the Night Orchid on a tree trunk Growing orchids and other tree-dwelling plants adds a nice element to a landscape.

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