Things I need to do with my sister

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Kostenlose Anleitung: Geometrische Tiere im Stickrahmen, sticken lernen, Flamingo / free diy tutorial: create embroidery animals, geometric, pink flamingo via

DIY-Anleitung: Geometrische Tiere sticken via

When Loki had the gall to ask Thor if he mourned him, ngl I was kinda pissed. It doesn't seem like Loki understands how much Thor loves him.

Flamingo-Karte selbstgemacht - kostenlose DIY-Anleitung via

Flamingo-Party: Geschenkekarte selbst gemacht!

genderbent Thor and Loki

Genderbent Thor and Loki, with armor that actually still makes sense. > Is it still Genderbent when canon!Loki is a shapeshifter and Odin calls him "my son who is also my daughter"?

Flamingo Aufnäher Bügelbild

Flamingo Aufnäher Bügelbild