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Animal Crossing: New Leaf & HHD QR Code Paths , clover-stumps: mushrooms and clovers grow in the...

clover-stumps: “ mushrooms and clovers grow in the rainy spring, where the stones have long since worn away…. if you use these in your town, please tag me in photos! matches february through.


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Please walk tutorial

mayorloulou:I redesigned this QR design and thought I should share it because Qr codes cannot be used on Standees.It’s a really simple version and I have edited it a bit since but I hope this can help!

Please do not run sign

loverlyiscool said: Would it be possible for you post the stencil (or whatever) of your do not run sign?

so it's truuuue you gotta keep those interlocking pixels for dat perf ombre effect

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