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Claudia Wenzel

Claudia Wenzel
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Die 10 besten Autokorrektur Fails! - Home des Tages 20.08.2015 | Funzentrale

I was thinking (in my head) about how I would like to be able to "plug in" to something and just magically absorb the German lang. (for a future course I MUST take) and this pops up as a "suggestion". Okay SATAN, enough "unknowable knowledge" lolz

Printable Kids Packing List With Pictures

Printable Kids Packing List - Pictures make it easy. Fill in the box with how many to pack. Maybe she'll enjoy helping pack even more, when she has her own list.

Eyes With 2 iris...rare

Liu Ch’ung was a Chinese emperor that was featured in a episode of “Ripley’s Believe it or Not!” because he had two irises/pupils in each of his eyeballs.It’s basically a condition that is called “pupula duplex” — which means in Latin: “double pupil”.

Grave symbols.

Death & Gravestone Symbolism from takes an in-depth look at the most common signs and symbols used on gravestones around the world.