Mercedes C111 1969

wheels 1970 Mercedes-Benz Loved this car from the moment I saw it. Mercedes Gullwing doors and stunning good looks.

Beautiful Ferrari 612 GTO

The Ferrari 612 GTO is the creation of young Berlin designer Sasha Selipanov of Berlin, also known as the angry car designer. In collaboration with Samir Sadixov they came up with this stunning design study of a Ferrari 612 GTO.

Mean Falcon F7

2012 Falcon fast cars fast women speed bikes with the nitro in em

Ford GT90 Concept

1995 Ford Concept automobile specifications & information. Performance, fuel economy figures, dimensions and weights, engine power and torque, and general data like production numbers and designer. Similar contemporary car models also listed.


(The Porsche 918 is still a prototype, but now some outsiders are getting rides. Bob Rouleau from Rennlist got a chance to ride in the car earlier in December.