Is there anyone out there in the Gone Series fandom?

Is there anyone out there in the Gone Series fandom

... schrecklich wahr!

I agree with this statement, but let's correct it, shall we? "Books have a way of making you homesick for a place you've never been.or "Books have a way of making you homesick for a place to which you've never been.


The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner, The 100 (yes theres books too) and The Fault In Our Stars,Harry Potter

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Dedication from the book "Hunted" by Meagan Spooner To the girl Who reads by flashlight Who sees dragons in the clouds Who feels most alive in worlds that never were Who knows Magic is real Who dreams This is for you


the Doctor has two hearts. many horse people have expressed riding as being the art of becoming two hearts moving as one body. maybe the horsey Whovians find themselves the most like the Doctor when we ride.

SOOOOOOOO    TRUE   .....  !!!!!!!!   ENJOY  THE MUSIC !!!!  Good for the soul    !!!... ✨☀️⚡️✨

Lori Deschene - Dear Music, thanks for always clearing my head, healing my heart & lifting my spirits

Da will jemand seine Pfanne smaschen...Also wenn das so ist Junge, dann sei lieber stolz auf dich...lass diesen Verführblick-uff!

Hi there. I herd you wondering if anyone from this generation reads. Yeah let me introduce you to my personal library/bedroom/bat cave.

"And I whispered to the horse: trust no man in whose eye you do not see yourself reflected as an equal" -Don Vincenzo Giobbe

Sierra Rose ~ Slaughter-bound Survivor ~ Age “Your hand has the power to hurt me or to heal me.Look into my eyes to the heart of my soul and choose to heal me.” Margrit Coates, Healing for Horses.