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That awkward moment when everyone in the room is in love with Sherlock.  Including Sherlock.

Molly yes, but John no and I sincerely hope Moriarty is not in love with him. At least, I don't ship it.or Johnlock<<< excuse me? How can you not ship it? And moriarty was in love with him most likely

God, what's wrong with me, why can't I stop pinning johnlock pictures...

God, what's wrong with me, why can't I stop pinning johnlock pictures. << ahaha not your fault

They've talked about it?!? You mean its a legitimate possibility?!? Ohhhh myyy gosh

They've talked about it? You mean its a legitimate possibility? Ohhhh myyy gosh <-- I am going to keel over and die now! I could not watch that show if they did JohnLock and not fangirl squee and hyperventilate every two seconds!


When I saw this I thought they were going to kiss and I got super excited. When they didn't I was disappointed😭

No. This hurts. This hurts so much. Because of all the shit that they've been through together--all the trials and struggles-- John marrying Mary, going back to her, and Moriarty's wickedness. Sherlock was there through it all. He was best man, he planned John's wedding, he killed a man to ensure John's happiness with a woman who shot the Consulting Detective out of cold blood, and he died for John Watson. Everything was for John because there will never be anything or anyone more important…

I feel like Sherlock would be less awkward in this instance for some reason

Regardless of your opinion of Johnlock, you have to admit that having them beat out the Royals is HILARIOUS

Johnlock beats the Royal Couple? Johnlock shippers, what do you have to say for yourselves?<<<--- We are proud if our ben and Martin finally being recognized as a couple, they deserve it


oh my how did i not notice, silly boys! Not shipping for a John-lock, just funny. Sherlock at least had a sheet on

Shag wars - Sherlock (BBC) - Sherlock & John - johnlock

Shag wars - Sherlock (BBC) - Sherlock & John - johnlock<<<< "the battle of John's d**k has begun" I lost it,I really did!