I'm trying my best.... <-- nope. Have already ripped my own heart out. With a spoon.<..... XD

Keep calm and wait for season 4 I can't keep calm it needs to hurry up and get back on, I heard its not coming til why must you torture us to wait this long lol please lets not!

Love it soooooooooo much

12 Things You Never Knew About 'Gilmore Girls'

I am one

17 Jokes And Memes Only True Gilmore Girls Fans Will Get

The relationship between my mother and I is so similar to The Gilmore Girls, you'd think that we inspired the show :P - I hate all keep calm things but this is perfect

Fringe - Resist. Such a great show..so sad it's over..

Fringe - Henrietta "Etta" Bishop (Georgina Haig) These were cool signs. I just realized that Peter named her after his son who was erased from the timeline.

Patrick-Swayze with Leslie Ann Down in North and South - love love love this

Patrick Swayze as Orry Main with Leslie Ann Down as Madeline Fabray in North and South

Christian Bale (ahem) and Jeremy Renner  American hustle so Great

David O. Russell On 'American Hustle': 'Someone Else Can Make 'Argo'

Actors Christian Bale, left, and Jeremy Renner film American Hustle on May 18 in New York. -- Batman and Hawkeye in the

DAS PARFUM, DIE GESCHICHTE EINES MÖRDERS (2006, Germany & Spain & France).

DAS PARFUM, DIE GESCHICHTE EINES MÖRDERS (2006, Germany & Spain & France).