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an open book with images of people in blue, red and green colors on it
Album Cover by Milton Glaser (1978)
Album Cover by Milton Glaser (1978) by P-E Fronning, via Flickr
an advertisement for disco featuring women in different colors and sizes, with the words disco on it
Disco mood by Audrey Herbertson | Redbubble
an image of a man in uniform on a card with the words mr bobby
A1 Poster. Kay Snap - Mr Bobby the Policeman
an abstract painting with birds and flowers on it's face in blue, pink, purple, yellow and green colors
Art Brokerage - Buy and Sell Fine Art - Art Dealers and Artwork for Sale
an old movie poster for the film's production, featuring several different colored faces
The Best of “Movie Poster of the Day,” Part 8
German poster for a 1967 festival of YOUNG GERMAN FILM. Designer: Dorothea Fischer-Nosbisch (1921-2009) .
an old fashion magazine cover with two women dressed in evening gowns and balloons on them
an old book cover with colorful lines on the front and back side, in red
Cover art or packaging material from Snafu (1981) - MobyGames
an advertisement for monaco international motor racing
Stretched Canvas Print: Archivea Arts' 1973 Monaco Grand Prix F1 Race
an art work with different colored shapes and colors on white paper, including a woman's face
peter max
an advertisement for the album atlanta featuring a woman in a yellow dress and colorful background
Favorites Eric Capossela (1) - Coverjunkie
Peter Max-Atlanta. I was a big fan of Peter Max as a kid-artist, in about 1970.
a book with an image of a man's face on it
Fats Domino – When My Dreamboat Comes Home album art
Fats Domino – When My Dreamboat Comes Home album art - Fonts In Use