Die schnellste Strickjacke, die man nähen kann! Ideal zum Überwerfen an lauen Sommerabenden.

Die schnellste Strickjacke, die wo gibt’s

Cocoon jacket tutorial, super easy with pictures although instructions are in what looks like German

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DIY Workout Shirt

I want to make one of these from some big t-shirts I never wear as is. DIY Workout Shirt, mine was a little short in the front. Next time I will make sure its an extra long shirt

Diese sind einfach UMWERFEND!! ♥

The word rucksack is a German loanword mainly used in the UK and in western military forces: in German 'der Rücken' means 'the back' (the part of the body), and Sack for bag.


Make a Chalk Bag

->Anyone who climbs regularly needs a chalk bag. As an added bonus, I integrated pockets into this one. Next time you're out climbing and need a place to stash your cash and keys, here's your answ.