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TESB: With the monumental skyline of Cloud City in the background, Lando Calrissian escorts Princess Leia along a plaza overlooking the city and its people. The princess wears attire more suitable for.

The first Snowtrooper helmets evolved into Imperial Cadet Helmets, as featured in Rebels.

TESB: The commanding officer of an advance brigade of Imperial stormtroopers directs the assault on the Rebel Alliance fissional generators on Hoth. Concept Artwork by Ralph McQuarrie

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Ralph McQuarrie started as an illustrator in the aerospace industry before he was approached to complete art for a "space-fantasy" movie titled Star Wars.

Ralph McQuarrie - Early Boba Fett helmet concept

Official Concept Art - Boba Fett Helmet Concept Art by Ralph McQuarrie - Boba Fett Image Galleries - The Boba Fett Fan Club