String Heart.  Sweet

30 Creative Diy String Art Ideas use rainbow colored strings against black. have the students write five things they want to draw before class. (use as basis of the shape for string art)

Swirl Feather Earrings -

Swirl Feather Earrings - Artisan Handcrafted Golden Brass - in Colored Clear Crystal. - these are the neatest earrings I have ever seen -Etsy photo only

cool art project

cool hand drawing for lesson on lines.also made me think of Gibson for your after school crafts, I think kids would think this is pretty cool!

I wonder how this was made, I will try it when the next pussy willows bloom in february

Furniture:Interesting Home Design With Willow Accessory Ideas White Table Cloth Spring Calls Home with Wonderful Willow Décor


DIY cardboard & yarn wreath - in addition to Valentine's Day, would be cute for letters and monograms