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By 小红书 _ 微距摄影 _ 生活太过匆忙,有时需要我们把脚步放慢,别错 过了享受时光#手机摄影 #微距摄影
a ladybug sitting on top of a leaf covered in waterdrops and drops
tugba kiper (t_kiper) Profile / 500px
a drop of water on top of a dandelion with two people in it
three drops of water with faces drawn on them
Secret forest
Digital creation
a yellow leaf hanging from a tree branch
an old photo of a man laying on a bench in front of a large tree
Foraging in UK
two people are standing on a ladder near a large tree trunk that has been cut down
Entre indios y Times Square
black and white photograph of men standing on top of a large tree in the woods
there are many trees in the forest
1950's postcard. Hagins collection.
an old photo of people sitting on the ground next to a large tree in front of them
30 Vintage Postcards of Big Trees in the Early 20th Century
a drop of water on top of a pine tree branch in the winter time,
Unconventional Wisdom
Unconventional Wisdom
a leaf with a heart attached to it hanging on a line in front of a blurry background
Young at heart. by incredi on DeviantArt
Young at heart. by incredi on DeviantArt
some leaves and berries are hanging from hooks
petal & pins - greeting cards, art prints, linen tea towels and gifts
a drawing of a woman in a dress made out of leaves and flowers on a white background
microgreens mod — MooMooi™ by Meredith Wing
a drawing of a woman holding flowers in one hand and a flower in the other
Hanacotoba_jp twitter
a piece of paper with leaves and a woman's head on top of it
The Enduring Appeal of Green Leaves
love this! Fashion in Leaf by Tang Chiew Ling