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Reflections of nature. 🏞️💚🌅✨

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#werewolf story#Miraj was the princess of werewolves.But everything ended when the rouges attacked when she was only fifteen. Now the princess is a slave, abused and tortured.Until one day, when a face from her past returned and gave her hope.Soon after, hope turned into a nightmare when her own mate started to call her a traitor and treat her even worse than she was treated before. Miraj is determined to prove her family's innocence and win her first love's heart once more.

Reflections of the world. 😲🪞🌍

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Bu Kafayla Senden Hiçbir Şey Olmaz...
two ducks sitting on top of a log in the middle of a lake surrounded by trees
a woman is walking down the street at night with her reflection in the wet pavement
an old abandoned house sits in the middle of a marshy area with water and reeds
7 Margo and Q discovers this abandoned house while Margo leaves clues for Q to come and find her. Q has a great photographic memory so this was hard to make clues to find her .
a man standing on top of a boat with birds