Free egg templates for Easter crafts! There's a bunny available too. Tip: Save the PDF before printing or it might not print correctly.


bunny template- cut out in different papers and add cotton ball for a tail ~ Easter - Cards, Crafts & Decor.

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Here is another bunny template found online, cute bent ear! Why not mix up the bunnies, and cut them out of old boxes? we made a garland of bunnies in different colors with a cotton ball tail.

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Мастер - класс по созданию зайца.

Лепка из соленого теста

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Készülj a húsvétra ezekkel a cuki, nyuszis papír sablonokkal!

Easter Bunny Template : ideas for DIY paper crafts, kids coloring page, holiday decoration, card or banner.

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DIY trash can liner. To throw away those non-plastic waste items you might still have ☺ in any case, saves a plastic bag!