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How to Do a Mapes Jump | Roller-Skate - YouTube

Mapes Jump (backwards 360 using toe stop )

Salchow Jump: start backwards on left foot left arm in front, right arm to side, right foot slightly behind left, knees bent sweep right foot around, lift knee, close arms jump and rotate to left 360 degrees (can use toe stop) land backwards on right foot, left foot forward, arms straight ahead end w/ left foot back and arms out

How to Roller-Skate & Rollerblade A big thank you to Gypsy Lucas for helping the Deadly Rival girls become even better skaters!

How to strengthen your back for roller derby

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It's how I got started years ago, and it defiantly helped me kick that gross smoking habit I once had!

Beginner's Running Plan - This plan pretty much details what I would advise people who find it difficult to start running after a long "off-period". Do short intervals or walking and running or jogging.

This is the best break-down of wheel combinations. Plain and simple ;)

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