Create your bubble gum machine

DIY Cute Gum Ball Machine Kara Allen shows how to make the typical bubble gum machine, excellent as a gift for guests at our parties and only using as material a terracotta pot, a round bubble bowl

Step by step - How to make cake pops.

Make Your Own Cake Pops

DIY cake pops step by step .so during a hard session at the computer studying towards your Level 3 Dip care of Riverside Training Company you can nip in the kitchen, grab a cake pop and indulge

Chocolate Bunny Silhouettes ~ so cute and easy! link to instructions on page

Chocolate Bunny made out of nilla wafers. with mini nilla wafers? Even white chocolate would be cute!


Beautiful Cake Pictures: Elegant Black & White Wedding Cupcakes with Silver Pearls - Cupcake, Themed Cupcakes -

Hi all, how are you today? I promised you a new pictorial this week and I just finished it! I really hope you like it :)  Is ...

Koala tutorial by Cake Dutchess. I know it's not Fimo but the ideas should work - no Kati not this time. This Is a 3 day job!

Tulip tutorial for cupcakes. Site has translate button.

Tulipanes en ponquesitos - Tulip tutorial for cupcakes. Site has translate button.---this is a really cute cupcake and an easy looking technique. I wonder if it would translate to whole cakes.

VW tutorial I want this so bad!

purple hearts cupcakes

purple hearts cupcakes, if they were in pink it would be perfect for your…

make a BMW Car cake

This is how i did my 745 BMW Cake. Not all steps are included in the picture, but you can get the idea. To create the shine. I just painted it with black food coloring and clear vanilla.

DIY: Cute as a button cupcakes

Baby shower "Cute as a Button" cupcakes!

Minion how to

Minion Despicable ME DIY Clay Polymer Fimo Fondant Figurine Tutorial