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a black and white drawing of a circle with dots in the shape of a pear
Daniel Lepik
Daniel Lepik
a black and white photo of an object in the middle of a square with dots on it
Daniel Lepik
Daniel Lepik
an image of different shapes and sizes in the form of circles, lines, and dots
Visualizing 10 dimensional objects.
an image of a geometric design that is in the shape of a pentagon with four intersecting lines
Système O.S.A.
Système O.S.A. « colorsystem
a drawing of a circle with four sections in the middle and one section at the center
Ewald Hering
Ewald Hering « colorsystem
an image of a drawing with lines and dots on it that are drawn in different directions
J. Frans Gerritsen
J. Frans Gerritsen « colorsystem
three different types of geometric shapes are shown in this diagram, and each one has four dots
Le Système R.G.B.
Le Système R.G.B. « colorsystem
a blue and white drawing of a triangle with dots on it's center point
an image of a cube that has been drawn with colored pencils and ink on paper
Aemilius Müller (1)
Aemilius Müller pointed out that the gradations of colour-hue, often appearing monotonous, can be made more attractive by allowing them systematic deviations. In order to explain subtractive colour mixing, the eight corners of his colour-cube are occupied by three primary colours, yellow, (magenta) red and (cyan) blue; three «secondary colours», orange, violet and green; and the achromatic colours, white and black
an abstract black and white poster with lines in the shape of cubes on a black background
Alliance Graphique Internationale
an image of a black and white circular design
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