R2D2 Yarn Bombing

by Yarn Bombing [Bellingham, Washington, USA] photos by Sarah Rudder

Yarn Bombing @ Occidental park, Seattle

OK, so it's knitting on my crochet board. But this yarn bombing is fabulous. Suzanne Tidwell in Occidental Park in Seattle.

yarn bombed tree

Amazing yarn bombed tree spotted in Beijing, China - I'm so yarn bombing a tree in my yard this looks awesome :)

Yarn bomb pom poms

Amazing field of hand-made pom pom flowers by visual artist Hannah Streefkerk.

yarn bombing of jefferson statue...  my man

yarnbombed legwarmers for Thomas Jefferson statue in Missouri.

Cool Yarn Bomb!!!


“Meter Monster”, Hanasaurusrex monster yarn bomb on parking meter at Cooke St. and Auahi St.

yarn bombing

Thanks to Berg for the tip to this fabulous new knit bomb interpretation! See so many doilies at thrift stores. Maybe I should do my tree in the back yard for the garden tour. That would shake a few people up.

Just be happy!: Mailbox Yarn Bombing

Just be happy!: Mailbox Yarn Bombing - because happy postmen don't go postal.

99 Trees by KnittaPlease

99 Yarn Bombed Trees by KnittaPlease

The practice of knitting and decorating items in public spaces is called "yarn-bombing." These yarn-bombed trees were part of an art installation Valk Chuah Blanton Museum of Art, UT Austin

yarn bombing

Yarnbombing is creating graffiti with yarn.imagine the time it takes to knit this stuff on trees and objects!

tasteful yarn bombing

''yarn bombing'' is one of those spur of the moment ideas that really isn't a bad thing. decorating something with yarn in a classy way is fun and pretty. this bench looks amazing to me.

yarn bomb!

The story goes that 1000 blankets were expected at this yarnbombing event in Helsinki, Finland, but ended up with 7800 and used only about half the pile. After the yarnbombing event all the blankets were donated to the safe house movement.

Wild breien yarn bomb

:) O O O Waldroop Allen Allen Allen Waldroop Wild breien yarn bomb - Yarn Bombing

Let's go shopping with a yarn bombed cart! @Naomi Haverland you should do this to your shopping cart!

Who knew there was an International Yarn Bombers Day? Not me, and the second anniversary was June Hurrah!