Liste Verben mit Präpositionen

Verben mit Präpositionen - verbs with prepositions

German grammar - The imperfect tense

German grammar - The Imperfect tense

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The Top 25 German Phrases

German verbs Why is this on a Spanish website?

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One of my long term goals is to do well in German. Spanish would probably be more useful in my life, but German just is so fun. And it would please my German relatives


I have learned these, but always have some slip my mind when I need it.

Deutsch lernen: Liste wichtiger unregelmäßiger Verben

Deutsch lernen: Liste wichtiger unregelmäßiger Verben

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15 Most Used German Sein Verbs

What’s mine is yours — German Possessive Articles




A few verbs with the preposition "mit"

Weil > Because #learngerman

Weil > Because