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Marsden c1903/7 - RS0993* - Art Nouveau Tiles

Highly rated organic design, that uses a great selection of colour glazes that I have not seen before.Tile reference 993 in the book (Art Nouveau Tiles with more Style), shows a red version of this iconic Marsden design

Wei Shiong Tan (@tws0129) on Instagram: “

Wei Shiong Tan (@tws0129) on Instagram: “

©Porteous Tiles

Art nouveau tile and arts and crafts tile reproductions made by Porteous Tiles. Beautiful decorative ceramic tiles ideal for splashback, bathroom, kitchen, and fireplace.

Blue Orpington Chickens | blue orpington thread - Page 2

dont have any right now but buying hatching eggs next year

Hericium coralloides, a fungi. Photo via wikipedia.

deliciousdimension: “ Hericium is a genus of edible mushrooms in the Hericiaceae family. Species in this genus are white and fleshy and grow on dead or dying wood; fruiting bodies resemble a mass of fragile icicle-like spines that are suspended from.

AK 1916 Mehlsack Pieniężno Ostpreußen Braunsberg Ermland Masuren Polen

AK 1916 Mehlsack Pieni no OstpreuSsen Braunsberg Ermland Masuren