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13 Chulísimas ideas para decorar la envoltura de un regalo

El mejor regalo merece una envoltura original.

Noar zoo / animal washi tape by Shinzi Katoh | Fox and Star

Washi Tape

Get creative with our cute Japanese washi tapes. Choose from hundreds of colourful designs from leading brands including MT Masking Tape & Masté Japan.

Spruce up your workspace with our roundup of clever washi tape ideas.

12 creative washi tape ideas for your workspace - Blog Archive by Fox and Star

Spruce up your workspace with these clever washi tape ideas - read more

25 excellent uses for washi tape - The Inspiration Board

Today I’ll be sharing 25 uses for washi tape for endless inspiration! I have a confession to make. I am obsessed with washi tape! I have over 100 rolls. No joke! Every time I see a new color or pattern I can’t stop myself. It’s bad! I posted this pic on instagram a few months ago and was...

Keep kids from stealing your chargers: Identify cords and chargers using washi tape. #DIY #lifehack

Cord Management Life Hacks for No More Tangled Wires! | Just Imagine - Daily Dose of Creativity

Tangled cords is a problem of nearly every home or office. That is why here are some solutions and life hacks that are going to solve this problem. Have a look and choose the one that is easiest and m

Pretty Pink Office

Life is better in Color Office Tour

A week in the life of McKenna Bleu is one filled with ball gowns , sequins and a really cute office. Every inch of this space captured by Stacy Bauer is bright and happy with a big dose of pink. ...

DIY | tent


We are back with the latest installment of One Material, Two DIYs! These may be two of the most fun projects I have ever worked on. I’m super excited to share them with you! The challenge: create two DIYs using Cotton yarn. The options are limitless considering the versatility of the material, but I ultimately […]

Diy Projects: Washi Tape DIY Small Gift Bags

Coming Soon>

Diy Projects: Washi Tape DIY Small Gift Bags

This is really cute printed tape.- 10 pieces as a set (random patterns from 32 patterns)- Weight: 15…

This is really cute printed tape.- 10 pieces as a set (random patterns from 32 patterns)- Weight: 15…

Washi Tape Pencils | Washi Tape Pencils

37 Awesome DIYs To Make Before School Starts

The only thing better than new school supplies are the extra special ones you make yourself.

The best play space of all may be an empty expanse. Give your kids a roll or two of painter's tape and let their sense of make- believe take over, a la Harold and the Purple Crayon. Roads and farms, four-square courts and hopscotch boards: anything is possible. The low-stick tape can be used on most carpeting and flooring (and furniture too!), comes in several different colors (we've found blue, green, and yellow), and can be removed without a trace when playtime is over.

Unplugged Play Spaces

Whether you're turning over a whole room to rumpus or just carving out a corner for playtime, these four strategies will help you set up a space that fosters creativity and generates a ton of fun.

Des cadres fantaisie fabriqués en masking tape : une déco tendance ! - La déco au masking tape, ça nous scotche ! - CôtéMaison.fr

Déco masking tape pas cher pour mur, meuble

On connait bien désormais le masking tape ou washi tape, ce petit rouleau de scotch en papier venu tout droit du japon qui offre une déco murale tendance. On est même devenus addicts, avec leurs multiples motifs fantaisie qui permettent de relooker notre déco à peu de frais. De la chambre au bureau en passant par la cuisine ou la buanderie, on fait le plein d'idées déco faciles et colorées au scotch masking tape !

Machine à laver rayée // par Déplumeuse de chats

DIY // Une machine à laver lookée

D'après une idée originale de A Beautiful Mess, ce projet simplissime à base de scotch d'électricien était sur ma Do List 2014.  J'en profite pour vous montrer ma petite collection de pots Henkel 

//Inspiration Déco// Idées à piocher dans une maison scandinave

Inspiration Déco : idées et images pour une maison scandinave

//Inspiration Déco// Idées à piocher dans une maison scandinave