Inspiration Kaltporzellan, Beton, Keramik

Basteltipps und DIY. Kaltporzellan ist praktisch, da schnell zu verarbeiten.
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a blue and white house shaped ornament hanging from a wooden fence with a rope
three blue fish hanging from a rope on a wooden barrel with ropes attached to it
Fish (#woodcrackle)
a blue fish hanging from the side of a white wall
Barca con pesca all'amo
a collection of fish hanging from hooks on a wooden wall next to other items that include shells, seashells and starfish
a group of blue fish hanging on a wall next to a wooden stick and string
Marjan 2015-visjes
a group of fish hanging from a wooden wall next to a branch with beads on it
a wind chime hanging from a rope with fish and sea creatures on it's sides
three fish hanging from a wooden fence with flowers in the backgrounnds
🐟 Ein paar neue Fischmobile 🐟 aus bunt glasierten Keramikfischen, Holzperlen und Treibholz - Deko