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two black and white birds sitting on top of an open book next to each other
three birds are standing in the grass under a rain soaked tree line, one is black and white with orange beaks
a drawing of a black bird on white paper
a badger standing in the middle of a forest with trees and bushes behind it on a blue background
a black and white drawing of a raccoon
an ink drawing of a badger sitting on the ground
a black and white drawing of a badger
British badger | SeanBriggs
a painted wooden board sitting on top of a wooden table
RELIEF / BASICS — Leschiwelt
RELIEF / BASICS — Leschiwelt
two plates with houses and flowers painted on them are held up in front of a wall
a blue and orange plate with a bird on it sitting on a wooden table top
Erin Lentz Ceramics (@erinlentzceramics)
a green plate with two horses on it
Illuminato on Instagram: “Recién llegadas ‼️ Ensaladeras cuadradas. También podés usarlas para calentar tus comidas.Armá tus mesas con piezas de diseño pintadas a…”