gingerbread lattice cookies - weave the dough!

Gingerbread Lattice Cookies

Cool idea for a Gingerbread House Roof. - Holiday hack: Weave dough instead of decorating it. Get the gingerbread lattice cookie recipe on

This recipe makes PERFECT sugar cookies! They're delicious both with and without icing, they keep their shape, have perfect edges every time and you don't need to chill the dough!

How to Make Perfect Sugar Cookies

So this is the day I’ve been having… I didn’t bother icing this batch of our perfect sugar cookies because they taste amazing all on their own. But my 4 year old LOVES her sweets and she insisted on h

Beautiful Vanilla Chai Cupcakes. Delicious twist to plain cupcakes and with a sugar free and vegan option.

Vanilla Chai Cupcakes

Today my kids thought I was the coolest mom ever. Why? I made these Funfetti Shortbread Bites, Christmas style of course! Did I make them…

Elf Bites- Christmas Shortbread Bites - these are the most pop-able fun to eat cookies out there! They were actually really easy to make and they taste AMAZING! A perfect Christmas treat, but you could also use a rainbow sprinkle blend for birthdays.

Spiced Apple Cider Cranberry Cupcakes | Soft, moist apple cider cinnamon cake filled with spiced cranberry compote and topped with a cinnamon cream cheese butter cream! And don't forget the sugared pie crust leaf!

Spiced Apple Cider Cranberry Cupcakes

A soft, melt in your mouth, Apple Cider Cinnamon Cake is filled with an apple cider cranberry sauce then Piled High with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting !

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE ~~~ i am especially drawn to the idea behind the branding; the monogram stamp is beyond. [larecetadelafelicidad]

quick summer dessert recipes, fondue dessert recipes, very easy dessert recipes - CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE ~~~ i am especially drawn to the idea behind the branding; the monogram stamp is beyond.

S-Küche: Hand Pies mit Bratapfelfüllung

Hand Pies mit Bratapfelfüllung

S-Küche: Hand Pies mit Bratapfelfüllung(Baking Cookies Christmas)

LECKER - auch mit Joghurt: Quarkstollen-Konfekt |