Need to say something nice to someone?

adjectives/phrases to say something nice to someone: you are wonderful, unique…

Essay Writing: Mastering the Introduction and Thesis Statement. Teach your middle school and high school English students how to write amazing thesis statements and essay introductions with this teaching resource.

Thesis Statement and Introduction: Essay Writing

Introductions in english essays for high school Oct 2017 · How to Write Any High School Essay. Writing a high school essay is an important basic skill that you will need to succeed in high school. Write your introduction.

Written by two professionals who have “been there and done that” with their own sons with ADHD, "Raising Boys With ADHD" empowers parents to help their sons with ADHD find success in school and beyond. The book covers topics not often found in other parenting guides such as the preschool years and early diagnosis and strategies for teens transitioning to work and college.

Raising Boys with ADHD: Secrets for Parenting Healthy, Happy Sons by Mary Anne Richey

Subordinating conjunctions

a brief look at the coordinating and subordinating conjunctions and how they affect word order in German

Ich bin krank!

The Internet Second Language Collective is a free-to-use community website where English language teachers can share their home-made teaching materials with each other.

In der Schule

In der Schule

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