The Barbary Slave Trade

The Barbary Slave Trade-interesting fact: liberals always claim it's conservatives and libertarians that change history.yet it's liberals that leave out little details like this.

If it doesn't fit into the news media's agenda, it "never" happened. News are no longer news but PR and propaganda from the money behind the news stations, as became obvious at the 2016 US Election.

Europeans may "march" but as God fearing Americans with the Right to bare Arms we Must destroy the enemy!

Interesting how a small number of individuals could create so much hate in many.

Besides the fact that there were white slaves in the USA during the same time AND the first slave owner was a black man. it is an uncomfortable truth.


White Slaves And Irish Slavery Facts: The Irish Slavery Meme Exposed

Why do liberals hate Christians but love Muslims?

it's disgusting when muslims murder gay people. im not defending hate in the name of religion that's the whole point. << also I dislike the use of the word 'homosexuals' in this. It seems kinda dehumanising tbh. just use gay person/people.

Sounds like they are planning a assault on America to me Trojan horse sound familiar ???

What guy leaves a country as a refugee, for safety, and leaves his wife and children in a dangerous battle zone while he "gets established" in a safe country?

Jewish people keep kosher. They don't expect everyone else to do the same. They have kosher bakeries, but I've yet to hear of one refusing to sell a bagel to a gentile.

A person's beliefs/preferences shouldn't force others to do the same. Faith, Politics & Morals-it's your choice.

Die herzliche Hilfsbereitschaft dieser Kultur ist eine echte Bereicherung für Deutschland! Barfuß trägt eine Frau zwei Kinder und führt eins an der Hand. Daneben laufen 7 Ingenieure.

Seven young healthy well-shod Muslim migrant men completely ignoring a barefoot mother carrying two babies and a bag. REAL men look at this image in absolute disgust!

Jeden Morgen ist unser Keller voll mit kriminellen Nordafrikanern.

Jeden Morgen ist unser Keller voll mit kriminellen Nordafrikanern.