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♥ Heute ist Welt Meditationstag, bestimmt ein guter Tag um damit zu beginnen. - DIE ÜBUNG des goldenen Lichts ♥ ♥ Deine Sonne von innen. ♥ Tanke Dich voll mit Deinem inneren Licht. ♥ Übung des goldenen Lichts

Incredible World of Animated Gifs by Matthew DiVito. Matthew DiVito is a motion and graphic designer based in Boston, MA from USA. With a combination of After Effects and Cinema Matthew creates some really stunning retro and modern GIFS.

Beautiful Autumn Light.

Autumn gate walking with or Beaiuful women through the woods hand to hand feeling the light wind through the trees seeing golden light that shines of beauty 🍁

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I had forgotten the perfume in the air on the border between spain and portugan at midnight, till i saw this photo. The last road by Jorge Maia - Sintra, Portugal.